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A selection of artist's books with a few example pages of each.

A Dutch Master Disaster

A Dutch Master Disaster was made available in June 2023 as a print-by-order edition through the website 'Blurb'. You can order a softcover or electronic version ( The page examples below have been reformatted for easier viewing on this site. The promo for this prose-poem book reads:

As the past and future collide in an algorithmically-scripted now, a sensitive Robot braves its day of judgement equipped only with a sly wit and colored pencils. Nearby, a Governor and a Banker collude in shifty deals, reveling in their power as all fates are decided by numbers.
Andrew Keall is a painter, print-maker, poet and cake-based oven tester, currently living in the far north of Aotearoa, New Zealand. By employing Dadaist methods of text appropriation with text-prompt AI image generation to produce this volume, the author tests their own complicity in digitally-based machinations

Unobserved: a short tale told in biscuit

Unobserved: A Short Tale Told in Biscuit was made available in March 2024 as a print-by-order edition through the website 'Blurb'. You can order a hardcover or electronic version via

The blurb for this reads: When living in panic town a hungry lion may well be close at hand. What will a starving, recently escaped lion do next? Best you keep alert, stay calm, but above all else, observe your surroundings very carefully. Unobserved: A Short Tale Told in Biscuit is a timely reminder to be present - or, maybe, it is less a reminder and more a question; how may we stay present when all around seems to be made up from crumbs?

Who Will Fly Over

Edition of 1 with lino-cut prints on cover and within. 26 x 20cm. 2009.


God's Dead/God's Not Dead

Edition of 2 with laser printed imagery. 20 x 15cm. 2011.



Edition of 1. Lithographic prints with stitching, masking tape and band-aids. 14 x 9cm. 2012.