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In each of the three diptychs below one of the panels is made through the reduction lino-cut process. The term 'reduction' here conveys that only one piece of lino was used throughout the printing process. In this method every colour needed to make the image requires the rolling of ink onto the lino followed by a run through the press to thus transfer the colour onto the paper. To deposit the colour just where it is needed requires areas on the lino's surface to be either cut away and/or a carefully cut-out mask placed over the paper to protect areas - plus a very careful careful alignment of paper and lino. 'Small Gestures', for example, is comprised of 15 separate colours, and from start to end took approx 5 weeks to make. Once the lino-cut image was completed, I digitised it and in Photoshop composed a 'digital reply' that was then printed via ink-jet onto rag-paper to complete the two-part sequence of each diptych. Maybe they are very short comics.

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